Gus Abro, Co-Owner and Beverage Connoisseur

My passion for premium liquor and exclusive wine began when I was an 8-year-old boy stocking shelves in my father’s party store in Detroit. Eight soon turned into 18, and by then I had developed a keen sense of not only how to run a business, but how to engage the customer. I not only recognized the importance of building strong customer relationships, creating targeted marketing strategies, and the fiscal responsibility of inventory control, but also the clear connection of good drink to a good party.

While law school taught me to appreciate analytical thinking, my law practice taught me to appreciate the value of time spent with friends and clients. So often, this happens over dinner complemented by the right drink. And after 25 years of advising storeowners and friends about the liquor and craft beer markets, I decided to open my own market in my own backyard.  My partner Ken Lucia and I know this community – it’s where we live, work and play. We are invested in this community and dedicated to this community.

Together, we bring you POUR. Two fine wine, liquor and craft beer enthusiasts who have created an inviting gathering space for you – our customer. Get to know us. Whether it’s winding down at home in your favorite chair after a hard day’s work or hosting a formal dinner party for loved ones – POUR will provide a party for your palette, a beverage adventure.  From the simple to the complex, we want to pair your meal with the perfect wine or help you choose that perfect drink that symbolizes relaxation and rejuvenation.

I often get asked what’s my favorite POUR. For me, when it’s time to unwind, it’s scotch. Definitely, Glenfiddich 18 year old – neat. There’s something about the Spanish Oloroso wood and American Oak flavor with just the right “bite.” And a good cigar with my scotch? Excellence. I still haven’t figured out if the scotch enhances the flavor of the cigar, or if the cigar amplifies the smokiness of the scotch… and that’s the fun part.  We want to bring this same experiences to our clientele.  And that’s our goal at POUR – and my passion as co-owner – to help clients discover their perfect drink.

My partner and I bring both enthusiasm and knowledge to our craft and we look forward to providing you with a storybook experience into the world of select beverages.  You should expect to hear the story behind your perfect drink – as we have tasted wines, crafts and spirits from hundreds of wineries, breweries, and distilleries from around the globe. We want to share these stories with you – and most importantly, we look forward to hearing your stories.

Visit POUR. Stop by, and allow us the privilege to POUR with you. Allow the reclaimed woodwork and hand crafted hardware to take you back to old country tradition and a time when conversation and good drink were the center of community. Experience POUR – and all that it reveals.  Up, Neat, Straight Up, or On the Rocks, we can POUR it.