Ken Lucia, Co-Owner and Beverage Connoisseur

My family-owned and operated the Trade Winds Wine Shoppe in Royal Oak, Michigan from 1972 to 1995. As a child, my father taught me the meaning of a hard day’s work.  My childhood was spent watching my father and uncle manage all aspects of the business.  Over time, I grew into the role of greeting customers; meeting, sampling and ordering from vendors. As a young adult, I took great pride in the fact that our beer, wine and liquor store had more imported beer than any other store.

In the late nineties my father decided to retire. The three sons He and my Mother had raised, had grown up to be successful business owners in the Information Technology field. Although, for me, something was missing.

My passion for unique and fine beverage grew as I matured. I began to read and learn how these artisans from all over the world made their crafts, and how much love and effort they put in to it.  It is so much more than just a drink… it’s a way of life, a lasting story.  For many, the winery, distillery or brewery is passed down from generation to generation.

The “Pour” concept is designed to educate our clients on the products of the fine artisans which we stock.  We won’t be selling the forty ounce bottles of beer to go, or half pints of cheap liquor or even cigarettes. Our shelves will be stocked with stories of the Brew master, Winemaker and Craft Distiller.

Pour is just six blocks away from where Trade Winds once stood. I think about it often. I think about the lessons my father taught me and the lessons that I will pass on to my children. I can’t wait to get started!