Pricing on this list is valid through January 28th, 2017

Please note: Many of the items are limited.

The rules for ordering:

  1. A deposit or prepayment is necessary for all bottles over $50
  2. You may order 1 bottle of any 750ML, 1000ML or 1750ML bottle.
    A minimum order of 3 bottles of any 375ML,
    12 bottles of any 200ML.
    All 50ML & 100ML require full case purchase.
    All 70000 Series Liquor codes are not available to split You must buy the entire lot.
  3. All prices listed are subject to 6% Michigan Sales Tax.
  4. All orders must be placed by Saturday, to receive your order by the following Thursday.
  5. The State of Michigan does not allow the return of any alcohol purchased.

Download Liquor book here…Liquor